It all started in December 2010 in the town of Unguía, Chocó, when the daughter of Lady Diana asked for a bicycle for Christmas. Her mother replied "It's very expensive. I'm can’t afford it.”

Upon hear that, a group of friends decided to collect the money to give her the bicycle. We bought the bicycle and collected 26 gifts that we distributed at the neighborhood. We made them happy!

We were excited about what had happened and decided not to stop there. After much discussion we created COLOR Y ESPERANZA,  Foundation. We call it COLOR Y ESPERANZA because Chocó is color and the children are the most important part of the department, they are the motivation of change and progress.

We have been bringing happiness to the children every Christmas, with the most rewarding so far being 2015, where we collected more than four thousand presents, with the help of many like us that believe in the children of Colombia.

For those reasons, we decided to continue growing and expand our activities in 2016, not only working to bring Christmas presents will remain a pillar project, we are working in the creation of spaces to encourage education and integral development of the children of Chocó.